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Cannes and the Cinema

10 August 2017

Discover Cannes’ Rich Cinematic History & Exciting Movie Events this Summer

While every May cinema explodes to the fore during Cannes’ fabled Film Festival, a movie related buzz bubbles below the surface all the year round. This is best embodied in cinematic events like the guided tours and al fresco screenings which run throughout the summer; but you’re never far from movie star glamour or silver screen history when holidaying in this beautiful Cote d’Azur resort.

Cannes Ciné Quartier

10th July – 27th August 2017

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Every summer, the Ciné Quartier comes to Cannes; where a selection of Hollywood blockbusters and cult classics are screened across a variety of locations. But there’s a refreshing twist. Rather than cramming visitors into cinemas for this free event, patrons are instead invited to watch movies in the great outdoors, as you enjoy an al fresco film foray in the amiable French Riviera air.

What’s more, you are also allowed to bring your own refreshments, so have your popcorn and wine at the ready as you experience the cinema like never before! It is also worth noting that doors open an hour before the screening, so arrive early for the choicest seats in the (outdoors) house. See what’s in store for the remainder of this year’s Cannes Ciné Quartier.

14th August: The Jungle Book (English, French Subtitles) – 22h at Palais des Festivals

21st August: Frantz (French) – 22h at Lycée Carnot

27th August: Opera Rigoletto (Italian, French Subtitles) – 21h at Musée de la Castre

Cannes and the Cinema Guided Tours

Throughout the Year

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All the year round, you are able to take a sneak peek behind the scenes of Cannes’ rich cinematic connections through a selection of excellent guided tours. Movie buffs and the simply curious alike are assured to be intrigued, as expert guides firstly talk you through the flurry of films which were shot in the local area - of which Confidential Report, To Catch a Thief, Mr Bean’s Holiday and Femme Fatale are but a mere scratch on the surface.

The trip will then acquaint you with Cannes’ famous Film Festival, where you can walk the revered red carpet as the world’s silver screen elite have done before you; of course complete with plenty of paparazzi opportunities! A further highlight of the tour also arrives in the many beautiful murals that align the city’s walls, all of which pay homage to celebrated movie stars and the wonderful world of cinema.

Before the tour is over, you will also have the opportunity to discover the mystery surrounding the Man in the Iron Mask, which has inspired so many films - portrayed most memorably by Leonardo DiCaprio - following the enigma’s alleged imprisonment on the nearby Île Sainte-Marguerite.

Marilyn Mural 530 x 300 by Rashi Kalra via Flickr
Marilyn Monroe Mural

The Festival de Cannes

Of course, it would be impossible not to talk about Cannes’ cinematic prestige without mentioning a certain film festival, which first graced the city in 1946. Since then, the Festival de Cannes has introduced the world to Italian Neo-Realists, the French Nouvelle Vague, and the gritty Hollywood classics of the 1970s. It’s also where heavyweight directors like Hitchcock, Godard, Truffaut, Scorsese, and Coppola rose to superstardom; the latter of whom also saw his daughter, Sofia, win the Best Director Award in 2017 - 43 years after winning his first Palme d’Or!

However, during the seventy editions of the Cannes Film Festival, this celebration of cinema is perhaps best known for the iconic, notorious, and simply outrageous goings on which have supplemented the many movies. Think Brigitte Bardot parading along La Croisette in her famous bikinis, followed fifty years later by Sacha Baron Cohen doing the same in his garish mankini.

With each festival, one inevitability is that a plethora of parties will arrive in town, the most memorable of which arguably occurred in 1996, in the year when Trainspotting had cemented its place as an instant cult classic. In keeping with the films excessive indulgences, revellers like Leonardo DiCaprio, Elton John, Mick Jagger, Liam Gallagher, and Trainspotting novelist Irvine Welsh, were reported to have partied into the small hours.

Another inevitability is that any which way you turn on this beautiful coastal resort, silver screen history abounds in all directions! From Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier being acquainted in 1955; to Scorsese and Tarantino winning controversial Palme d’Ors in 1976 and 1994 respectively. That’s not to mention those beyond the realm of film who too have graced the festival. Iconic appearances include those by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1971; Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1987; in addition to the countless activists who have used the global glare on the festival to make their voices heard.

It’s a reminder that, cinema is, and always has been, the beating heart of Cannes; the legacy of which you can discover this summer as you retrace the steps of the silverscreen elite. And while you’re there, don’t miss out on the exciting movie related events taking place! Enjoy all of this and more when on a stay at Amarante Cannes, where our luxury hotel will place you in the midst of the lights, camera, action.

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'Concealed in Time' © Rashi Kalra | CC License 

Mimosa by coniferconifer -

Festival International des Jeux & Fête du Mimosa

This February, discover a world of games when Festival International des Jeux arrives in Cannes’ Palais des Festivals; then delight in cultural celebrations for Fête du Mimosa, held in Mandelieu-la-Napoule. Both of which can be enjoyed during a four-star stay at Amarante Cannes.

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Cannes Port Fireworks

Christmas & New Year’s Eve in Cannes

This winter, enjoy a four-star festive stay with Amarante Cannes and prepare yourself for Christmas Villages, ice-skating, superb Christmas shopping, traditional mass services, and fireworks displays as you experience Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the majestic Cote d’Azur.

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