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Discover the Alternative Cannes Festivals

30 July 2014

From Adverts to Yachts and Everything Inbetween

The Cannes Film Festival is arguably the most important film festival in the world, with only the Oscars able to compete in terms of the A-list celebrities it attracts. Many of the year's biggest and most anticipated films will premiere at the festival, and the reception of the judges can make or break the film's potential box office success. However, the film festival is far from the only festival to take place in the city, most of which are held in the luxurious Palais des Festivals et des Congrès. Here's a selection of the biggest and best alternative Cannes festivals:


Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity

Perhaps the only other festival that can match the film festival for popularity andgravitas, the Cannes Lion is often said to be the 'world's biggest advertising festival'. Over 11,000 members of the advertising, PR and media industries flock to the south coast of France to view the shortlisted work, attend seminars (many of which are held by famous names like Jenson Button and Jack Black) and take part in workshops and classes to ensure they keep up-to-date with any major developments.

The Cannes Lion takes place between the 21st and 27th June 2015.


Cannes Yachting Festival

Aimed at a very discerning clientele, Cannes is the only place where a yacht festival could possibly be conceived. With over 550 different yachts on display, ranging from less than 10m to over 50m in length, it quickly becomes clear why those with the necessary funds are so keen to add a yacht to their list of assets. There are also over 40 models on sale if you're really tempted.

The Cannes Yachting Festival takes place between 9th and 14th September 2014.

Pantiero Festival

The Pantiero Festival is a showcase of upcoming indie, rock, electro and hip hop musicians from across Europe. Started in 2002, the festival has a reputation for successfully booking acts that go on to become some of the most popular bands and artists of their genre. Woodkid, Glass Animals and Bonobo are just a few of the acts that will appear at this year's festival.

Pantiero Festival will take place between the 8th and 10th August 2014.


Cannes Firework Festival

Easily the most visually stunning festival, the Cannes Firework Festival sees dozens of the world's leading pyrotechnic companies putting on amazing displays, each competing to be crowned the most spectacular. Popular both among those in the industry and the wider public in general, over 200,000 people make their way down to the beachfront over the course of the festival craning their necks skywards to witness the glorious displays.

The Cannes Firework Festival is taking place between the 9th July and 24th August 2014.


Break the Floor

One of the world's foremost breakdancing (or b-boying to give it its proper name) showcases, Break the Floor features many of the world's best breakdance crews. Even if you aren't a huge follower of the sport, you can't fail to be excited by the impressive shows of skill, strength and style. The 'battles' are the highlight of the show, where dancers face off against one another, with the reception from the audience determining the victor.

Break the Floor takes place on the 16th August 2014.

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The Best Restaurants in Cannes

From alfresco dining, to cosy candlelit dinners, the French Riviera is home to exceptional food throughout the year. All that remains is for you to discover the best of it with our guide to some of the finest restaurants in town, all located within walking distance from Amarante Cannes!

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A Jam-Packed June in Cannes

This June, enjoy a culture-crammed calendar in Cannes, as you savour the French Riviera sunshine at events like MIDEM, Fête de la Musique and National Rosé Day. All taking place just minutes from Amarante Cannes! So why not join us for a luxury summer stay?

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